When to Call Abaris


New Mark is very lucky to have Abaris Realty as its new property manager. But you might be asking yourself: “Should I call or email Shireen and Abaris about this or not”.

What follows is a list of when to call Abaris and not to call them (at least not first).

One thing that Abaris should never be called about is where your utility shut-off valves or switches are, both indoor and outdoor.

  • For indoor water or gas shut-off or electric circuit breaker boxes you could ask a neighbor or call a plumber or electrician.
  • For the outside water or gas meters, or PEPCO meters call the utility or if you are doing outdoor construction work call Miss Utility at 811 or go online to Miss Utility Maryland.

Aside from the utility lines, valves or boxes, if you are not sure though, better safe than sorry. Drop Abaris a line.


Call 911 or the other numbers listed FIRST

  • Fires
  • Crimes: Private Home burglary/robbery, assaults
  • Vehicles broken into
  • Vandalism on your property
  • Vicious dogs (or other animals) – call 911 or animal control at 240-314-8937
  • Gas leak or emergency – 911 & 703-750-1400
  • Water Main Break – 24-Hour Public Works Emergency Hotline – 240-314-8567
  • Rockville Police Non-Emergency – 240-314-8900
  • Public Works Non-Emergency – 240-314-8500
  • Noisy neighbors – call Rockville PDs Non-Emergency Number 240-314-8900

After you have called 911 you can contact Abaris to let them know about these issues (if you want).


  • Billing
  • ACC violations (contact both Abaris and the NMC ACC committee)
  • Community Enhancement issues
  • Clubhouse rentals
  • Parties at the swimming pool
  • Vandalism on common grounds
  • Snow removal on the townhouse and clubhouse parking lots and on the NMC owned sidewalks and pathways. (Remember that Rockville law requires all residents to clean the sidewalks in front of their own residences, including townhouses.)
  • Leaf collection from NMC common grounds
  • Landscaping issues (contact both Abaris and the NMC Landscaping committee)
  • Damage to NMC facilities
  • Trash in the lake
  • Dead animals on NMC Common Grounds
  • Dead, Dying or Damaged trees on NMC Common Grounds
  • Parking issues for the townhouse and clubhouse lots –
    • abandoned vehicles
    • commercial vehicles or rental trucks parked overnight. (They might have permission to use the clubhouse lot),
    • inoperable vehicles
  • Problems with contractors doing work on NMC facilities

General Contact Info

New Mark Commons Homes Association, Inc.
c/o Abaris Realty, Inc
7811 Montrose Road Suite 110
Potomac, MD 20854-3349

Residents can reach Abaris through our NMC Administrators email nmcadministrator@newmarkcommons.net
Phone: 301-468-8919. The phone number to Abaris’ main office is staffed 24/7. Whenever you call the office you will always reach a live person, even when you call for after-hours emergencies.

Abaris’ offices are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In case of any after-hours emergencies, the property manager can be reached 24 hours a day by the office answering service.