By the New Mark Commons Board of Directors


In a historic vote, New Mark Commons homeowners have voted to replace the community’s 56-years-old Governing Documents. At a virtual Special Meeting held June 1, 2023, Board President Kathleen Moran announced that more than the required 60% of all 384 homeowners had voted for the new Covenants and more than the required 51% had approved the new Bylaws. The vote count was confirmed by Property Manager Shireen Ambush of Abaris, who oversaw the balloting, and by Board Secretary Joseph Jordan.

The final vote count after all ballots were tallied, including those cast or validated in the 24 hours after the Special Meeting, was:

  • Bylaws: 254 for / 21 against (193 required to pass)
  • Covenants: 253 for / 24 against (231 required to pass)

The new Governing Documents were circulated to all owners earlier this year and proxy ballots were collected over a period of several weeks before the Special Meeting. Both the new Covenants and Bylaws must now be legally registered with local authorities before they can take effect.

The decision brings New Mark Commons in line with current laws and practices for homeowner associations in Maryland. Importantly, it institutes a new dues formula under which all owners will pay the exact same assessments for New Mark’s operating costs and reserve fund, replacing the outdated “bedroom” and 4:3 ratio formulas. The new formula will be used to compose the 2024 New Mark budget.