Photos by Nan Whalen, Michelle Ava and Pat Reber


Dozens of New Mark residents—and some former residents returning to visit—joined the holiday musical cheer last Sunday.

Gabe Meyer on trombone and Rhonda Gordon with voice, tambourine and bells organized the December 19 event next to the tennis courts for New Mark’s second annual holiday sing-along.

The story is best told through photos.

The musicians were, left to right, Josh Lubell on guitar; Jenn Lubell on drum; Rhonda Gordon with tambourine; Gary Corbett on guitar; Andrew Coupe at mic who played guitar; and Gabe Meyer on trombone, in right-hand photo. Michelle Ava distributed jingle bells. Thanks to this crew for coming out!


There were lots of kids, and as things wrapped up, a group of young teens took over the field with a football! These two children were sent to chase after music leaflets that blew off Gabe’s stand!


The Turner’s dog Finn got lots of attention from them, crouching down next to Ann Turner for a snuggle. Adnan Qayyum, here with Board member and former neighbor Karin Boychyn, came back from Canada with family to catch up with old friends.

The younger set appeared happy for the community outing.


We also saw (left to right) Board president Kathleen Moran, former Board president John Hansman and Jean Hirons, and Neil and Ellen and Neil Stein. Stephanie and Jeffrey Bloom and friends were also there.


It was very cold, and this writer and photographer, working with a broken hand, was unable to capture everyone’s identity. If you want to add that info for any of the following photos, please contact the Communications Committee!



Here are final close-ups of our musicians.



In closing, Finn the dog kept watch on the crowd.