Zoom discussion at 6:00 p.m.

The NMC Board of Directors will hold their first review of proposed revisions to our community’s more than 50-year-old Covenants beginning at 6 p.m on Monday, November 16. Members of the Governance Committee who prepared the draft revisions with the assistance of legal counsel will also participate.

The meeting follows the Board’s initial review of draft revisions to New Mark’s other major governing document, the Bylaws, on October 25.

Residents will be able to follow the 6 p.m., November 16 discussion via Zoom. If you are interested in attending, please email the Governance Committee at Governance@newmarkcommons.net. (The Board also receives those emails.) We will send you the Zoom link the evening before the meeting. The email will also offer call-in numbers for phone access to the meeting.

The documents which the Governance Committee have been working on for more than a year are posted in the Resident Area of the website. The most up-to-date status of the documents is in the “Documents Exchanged Between Committee and Board” section of the Governance Committee post.

If you have not registered for access to the website Resident Area, please go to the Resident Area drop-down menu and click on “Register New User.”