On June 20 at 10 am the New Mark Commons Pool will open, following the guidance of Maryland State and Montgomery County Officials. At this time, the County specific regulations for the New Mark Pool are:

  • 3 lap swimming lanes. One person per lane, family members may not share a lane.
  • The diving board will be opened.
  • The baby pool must remain closed
  • There are restrictions on the numbers of individuals who can be at the pool, based on the pool area, depth and configuration.

Note the pool surface and depth are factors in determining total head counts, so should not be compared with other pools.

As the County eases restrictions, the new Mark Pool Committee, in partnership with the New Mark Board and Pool Personnel, will revise the pool usage requirements.

The New Mark Board has implemented a sign-in system; a link to the sign-up has been emailed to all pool members. Please be mindful of others and limit the number of days you initially sign up for to three.

The following procedures and regulations have been established in order to comply with the County specific regulations.

  • You must have a reservation before heading to the pool. See link above. No waiting lines outside the pool will be allowed.
  • You may sign-up for a 45-minute time slot for lap swimming only in three lanes.
  • Or you may sign-up for an hour and a half at the pool for general pool use.
  • If you sign up for a lap lane, you can stay at the pool for the additional 45 minutes
  • You must enter and leave through the side gate and must wear a mask when interacting with pool staff.
  • Pool staff have full authority, and their instructions regarding pool use are not negotiable.
  • Only one person at a time will be allowed in each of the locker rooms.
  • You must bring your own equipment, with the exception of noodles, which will not be allowed due to their spongy construction, and just about everyone likes to blow water out of them.
  • Children 9 years of age and older, who have passed the safe swim test and have a signed waiver on file, are eligible to participate in lap swimming.
  • There will be no afternoon swim team practices, no time trails, no home meets during the 2020 swim season. Therefore, the entire pool with be available throughout the day.
  • To create some normalcy, swim team members will be allowed to swim, in limited numbers, under the supervision of their Swim Coach, from 7 am to 10 am Monday through Friday and 7 am to 9 am Saturday and Sunday.
  • There will be a limited number of chairs and they must remain six feet apart. Pool Personnel staff will not clean furniture, so if you use it, you need to sanitize it yourself. You are welcome to bring your own chairs.
  • There will be no ice cream or water sales at the pool this season.
  • No guests will be permitted this season.
  • Unless restrictions ease greatly there will be no individual pool parties.

It is our hope that as the summer progresses the pool can become more of the community focused amenity we have come to love. The more cooperation we have in the early stages, the better our opportunity for a return to partial normal. However, be mindful that the County could also reverse course if they perceive their stringent regulations are not being adhered to in good faith, or other COVID-19 related reasons.

Let’s hope that the 2021 season will be back to normal!

Please send questions to board@newmarkcomons.net.

Pool Hours of Operation – June 20 – September 7

Day of Week Opening/Closing Times
All swimmers must exit the swimming pool 15 minutes prior to closing.
Monday – Friday 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday 10 am – 9 pm
July 4 and Labor Day 10 am – 6 pm
August 31 – September 4  3 pm to 8 pm