New Mark residents voted in a full board of seven members at its annual meeting Monday, March 9, bringing it back to its full numbers after three resignations over the past year.

Ron Tipton was the top vote getter, with 89 votes, followed by Kathleen Moran (77) and Karin Boychyn (75). They are all to serve three-year terms.

The other three Board members will serve staggered terms in order to bring the election rotation cycle back into its regular rhythm. They are Zoe Wood (73 votes), who will serve a two year term; and Alex Belida (72) and Laura Berthiaume (65), who will serve one-year terms.

At its organizational meeting on Wednesday, the Board agreed on the following officers.

President: Kathleen Moran
Vice President: Joe Jordan
Treasurer: Karin Boychyn
Secretary: Alex Belida

Liaisons to the various committees were assigned as follows.

ACC: Kathleen Moran
Communications: Alex Belida
Landscape: Ron Tipton
Lake Sub-Committee: Zoe Wood
Pool: Joe Jordan
Welcome/Social: Karin Boychyn

In addition, the Board chose Laura Berthiaume to serve on the Governance Committee.