Photo at right: While our resident geese parents and their goslings peacefully graze on healthy grass, Saven Wilkens and Lori Nicely install the two “No Feeding Geese or Ducks” signs in support of the welfare of the wildlife of Lake New Mark.

The third person in the photos, with beard and hat, is Lori’s brother-in-law Mike Matulka, who happened to be visiting and helped with the installation.

The  Board of Directors approved the signs in June after hearing from Lori, who is chair of the Lake Subcommittee, about the physical harm suffered by geese from eating human food – a horrible wing crippling called “angel wing.” Funding for the signs, posts and concrete came from the Matulka-Nicely family. Saven was the main lead on digging the holes and installing the posts, and his family supplied the screws and bolts.

Photos by Meghan Matulka