At its monthly meeting on June 6, 2019, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a Charter outlining the mission and procedures for a Governance Committee to review and propose changes to New Mark’s Covenants and By-Laws.

The five-member Committee will be headed by Board President John Daroff. At the June 6 meeting, Board Member Joseph Jordan was elected to serve as Deputy Chair. Three residents were elected to serve on the committee. They are Dan Amodeo, Sima Osdoby and Ron Tipton.

The Charter provides that a special page for the Governance Committee will be added to the residents-only section of the New Mark website. The complete Charter has now been posted there as will future documents prepared by the Committee.

A special email address for residents to communicate questions, suggestions and concerns with the Committee has been created:

Committee meetings and agendas will be announced in advance and will be open to the community.

While no time limit has been set for the Committee to complete its work, the Board expressed hope it will present recommendations within a year. Any changes to New Mark’s Governing Documents will have to be approved by the community.