Green Heron


Sally Guardia has been busy documenting the return of bird life to New Mark Commons as spring slowly—and frigidly!—arrives. Both green and blue herons, in their adult plumage, have landed. Sally was even able to catch the green heron building its nest for the little ones to come. Sally wrote that she hopes “to see green heron chicks” sometime in May. “They always make good subjects.”

The speckled juvenile hawk, with its tawny breast, looks observant and hungry. Sally said it was hard to be more specific than “juvenile hawk” with the identity at this stage of its development.


Juvenile Hawk

The starling’s coat shimmers in the light. And yes, if you look closely at the photo of the blue heron, you can see the agility of its long neck and the abundance of its long feathers as it twists around to preen.

New Mark’s healthy environment and tree canopy provide shelter and food to these feathered figures.



Blue Heron