This is the final step for the 500 Block! The asphalt replacement will begin Thursday, November 8, through Friday, November 9.

  • This means residents will need to remove their cars by 7 a.m. Thursday for the duration of those days plus any additional days needed due to weather or other unforeseen conditions the contractor may encounter.
  • There will be no exceptions due to active construction taking place and heavy equipment and machinery that will be on site. No vehicular traffic will be permitted until the lot is reopened at the earliest by Friday, November 9, or later if there are delays.
  • A large orange sign has been posted at the entrance to the court notifying residents of the dates of construction. Abaris management is distributing individual notices to each home and vehicle about the extension.
  • Towing will be enforced for vehicles that are not removed by 7 a.m. Thursday, November 7, 2018.

PARKING GUIDELINES: PLEASE Respect Private Driveways and Narrow Side Streets When Moving Your Cars!!!

Here’s a guideline of where to park and where NOT to park:

  1. Circles: Residents may not be aware that some of the small circles of detached homes are private driveways. The residents of each of these small circles must maintain their own paving and cement work. Please respect the circles and do not park there. These private circles include 10-11 Watchwater Way; 20-23 Watchwater Way; 15-18 Welwyn Way; 23-25 Welwyn Way; the detached homes in the 500 NME Block; and 701-705 New Mark Esplanade.
  2. New Mark Esplanade: Abaris has arranged with the city to allow parking ALL ALONG New Mark Esplanade on what would be the LEFT side when entering the Esplanade at the Totem Pole. This has been referred to in past communications as the LAKE SIDE to clarify on which side you can park, but applies to the entire left side of New Mark Esplanade, not just along the lake.
  3. Clubhouse lot and non-reserved spaces: Please consider parking in the Clubhouse parking lot or in the un-reserved spaces in parking lots that are not being worked on.
  4. City streets: Parking is also allowed along other city streets with names other than New Mark Esplanade unless there are “no parking” signs there. But PLEASE respect the narrow width of those streets. We’re told that garbage trucks had problems getting through on Watchwater Way during recent days due to parking on both sides of that street. Please don’t block access to driveways, which could result in towing by the city.

Please slow down on the Esplanade! There have been reports of some scrapes. Car-owners might want to fold in their side mirrors for safety’s sake!

Residents who have questions regarding this project should direct them to our property manager, Shireen Ambush, at Please do not approach the construction crews that are working on the property while the work is in progress and steer clear of the areas where active construction is taking place for your own safety.

We thank all residents for their patience and cooperation while we undergo one of the largest capital replacement projects in the history of New Mark Commons and we all look forward its smooth and successful completion!