On October 31, New Mark gremlins, ghosts, critters and creatures held a parade and potluck to show off their costumes!


L-R Medusa (Amie); The Flash (Bary); Uma (from Descendants);Police (Shan). Big gremlins include The Flash dad (Bary).

Unicorn (Layla), with Big Unicorn (Ruth) and Darth Vader (Josh)

The Elephant (Ella) and her sidekick, Pizza (Leah)

The Witch (Odile) and her neighbor, Sally Guardia, one of our nature photographers

Voldemort (Stephen) and Ariane

Scary Scientist with giant syringe (Nina), with Masked Man (Netta) and Skeleton (Miki)

The Scientist and her enormous Syringe

Harry Potter group: Harry Potter (Luke); Dr. Who (Owen) and Voldemort (Stephen)

Ella, Owen and Aaliyah

Idan, Sasha, Debbie (green hair) and Danny (masked face)

House to house, the gremlins came

The astronaut (Kirk) and his protector, Janet

The mad scientist views her gremlin patients. Is that Dracula eyeing his next victim from the tree shadow?

Harry Potter keeps watch over the frightful monsters. The lone figure on the right wonders where it will all end!

The unearthly gremlin tribe prepares to haunt the neighborhood.