The Board wants to thank all those who attended today’s Town Hall meeting to hear directly from the engineers who have evaluated our erosion and drainage problems. Residents who were present were able to ask crucial questions about the engineering assessment and the substantial costs associated with the proposed work.

Several residents with special expertise in civil engineering and construction offered potentially valuable suggestions. The Board would like to hear more from these residents or other residents with similar expertise and is asking them to contact us at to help us determine the best solutions.

Those who were unable to attend can expect to see a full report on the gathering on our website in the next few days and in our next community newsletter which is scheduled to come out May 19.

The Board wants to emphasize to the New Mark community that it has not yet committed to doing any of this work, in whole or in part. As custodians of New Mark’s finances, we are taking a very close look at all proposed major projects including repaving parking lots and replacing retaining walls. No decisions about a possible loan, special assessment or a dues increase have been made.