Spring is coming and once again Stolburg will be treating common areas around New Mark. This year they are putting down Lesco Dimension Fertilizer with Herbicide. (see the Safety Data Sheet here)

Weather permitting they will be applying the product in two stages, two days apart. This will keep several untreated areas available at any one time for dog-walking.

Areas targeted for first stage treatment on March 26 are the 800 NME block; the area between the 800 and 200 blocks; and the area around the clubhouse, playground, tennis court, and clubhouse parking lot.

Areas targeted for second stage on March 28 are the 100 block, 200-300 block, 400 block and 500 block.

The lake banks and adjacent areas will not be treated.

In the case of bad weather, the treatment schedule will shift to Tuesday, March 27 for the first stage and Thursday, March 29 for the second stage.

Stolburg says that the time period for dogs and children to avoid the areas is “legally two days.”

Some people say this product is low toxicity and safe for pets and some say any level is dangerous. Everyone should use their own best judgement.

Stolburg has assured us that they will put down plenty of warning signs.