Happy 2018!!! We are starting the New Year with two new features on the official New Mark Commons website. Both of the new pages give detailed information about our new management team, Abaris Realty.

We have placed the pages under separate tabs. One, under the “ABOUT” tab, is accessible to any member of the public who goes to our website. The second page, under the “RESIDENT AREA” tab, has more extensive details that only residents should have access to.

Here’s how you access this information:

Go to the drop down menu on the “ABOUT” Tab, until you reach the “When to Call Abaris” item. That gives a general outline of when to call emergency providers in Rockville versus when to call Abaris – and how to contact both Rockville City officials as well as Abaris managers.

Go to the drop down menu on the “RESIDENT AREA” tab, and click on “About Abaris.” This information gives more details about dues, payment of dues and setting up accounts as well as a full listing of the services Abaris Realty is providing to New Mark Commons under our contract with them.

We encourage residents who do not yet have a login to our website to sign up so you can keep better track of the goings