Here are profiles of two additional large-scale planned communities for whom New Mark’s developer, Ed Bennett, named NMC streets: Harlow Court and Basildon Circle.

Harlow, UK: The second of British New Towns after WW II, Harlow was planned in 1947. It is about 22 miles north northeast of central London and had a population of 82,000 in 2011. The New Town incorporated a number of existing communities, which gave their names to neighborhoods, separated by large green areas composing almost a quarter of the land area. Each neighborhood has a shopping district, pubs, and community facilities. Harlow is noted for its extensive network of cycle tracks, composed mainly of the old original roads in the area. In the 70 years since the original plan, there has been considerable rebuilding, especially the town center and other commercial areas.

Basildon, UK: Basildon is another of the eight New Towns in the London region. The Essex County Council successfully petitioned the national government in 1948 to create a New Town 32 miles east of central London, north of the Thames River. Like other new towns, it incorporated some existing villages and consisted of a number of small neighborhoods. The first new house was completed in 1951. Local government reorganization later added considerable area to Basildon and that larger area has a population of 183,000.

–John Hansman