The announcement that the National Park Service has approved NMC’s application for the National Register of Historic Places has just been confirmed by inclusion of the action in the National Register of Historic Places Weekly List, a list of actions taken by the Register each week. This is a much-anticipated highlight for our 50th anniversary celebration.

Many people were involved in this project. It was moved forward with the assistance of Past President John Hansman, who spearheaded the application effort that began in 2013, and succeeded thanks to his work along with the assistance of the University of Maryland; Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation; City of Rockville professional staff, Historic District Commission, and Council; and many committed New Mark residents. We thank you all.

The Board will investigate appropriate markers and ceremonies to recognize this achievement.

The August New Mark News will provide a full account of the application and approval process that resulted in this achievement, and updates about additional notifications from Historic Trust and/or local officials.