The 2017-2018 NMC Neighborhood Directory has been delivered directly to every residence in NMC within the last few days.

The Directory, published annually, contains a snapshot of the current resident information on record as of mid-July 2017. There is reference material at the front with frequently needed information and—this year—additional NMC 50th anniversary material.

Many thanks to NMC staff Jim Denny and Kirsten Hall and members of the 50th Anniversary, ACC, Communications, and Landscape committees for their contributions to this year’s directory. Also, thanks to the many local businesses that sponsor the directory, New Mark Commons incurs no cost for its production.

If your household did not receive a copy, please contact Jim Denny at or 301-340-0288. Please also use this contact information to keep us up-to-date with any corrections or changes to your household and contact information throughout the year.