The announcement of NMC Administrator Jim Denny’s retirement in September—reported in a June 9 email to the community and in the June New Mark News–prompted the Board to form a search committee to recruit a replacement. The committee, consisting of Alex Belida, John Daroff and Kathleen Moran, has released a position announcement for individual candidates and a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) for property management firms. Both define comprehensive requirements and list the extensive responsibilities of the NMC Administrator. There is a July 31st deadline for all responses.

The position posting for individual applicants is available by clicking on the blue banner stating New Mark Seeks New Administrator: Apply Today! on the NMC website Home page.

The committee plans to review applications and proposals in August and make its recommendations as quickly as possible to provide an adequate transition period before the effective date of Jim’s retirement.

More complete details will appear in the July issue of the New Mark News, expected to be emailed on or about July 22.

Residents can continue to contact the search committee at with questions or comments. As indicated in the position announcement, applications should be directed to