The HOA has received the following email from Mike Wilhelm of the City of Rockville. (Note that this involves City-maintained sidewalks only. NMC’s project to repair sidewalks and paving in the common areas is slated for later in the year.):

Over the next 2 weeks, the City will have a small, 2 person crew from our concrete maintenance  contractor, Olney Masonry on New Mark Commons public sidewalks addressing trip hazards.  As you may have already noticed, City staff has painted the raised edge of concrete sidewalks throughout the neighborhood.  The work is necessary to keep publicly maintained sidewalks in compliance with federal ADA requirements.

The contractor will start on Maryland Avenue, then onto New Mark Esplanade and work their way throughout the neighborhood.  The work will generate some noise and potentially some limited dust generation but every effort will be made to minimize and dust.  The grinding debris will be swept up and removed each day as the work progresses.

Please share this information with your neighborhood.

Mike Wilhelm

Michael A. Wilhelm, PE, PMP, CPII
Chief of Construction Management
City of Rockville, DPW
850 Avery Road
Rockville, Maryland 20851
240-314-8542 (desk)
240-876-7613 (cell)
240-314-8554 (fax)