White paper copies of a 2017 NMC Annual Meeting Notice and packet were delivered to some homes in NMC on Wednesday, March 1. The materials contained several errors.

Replacement packets were delivered to all NMC homes on Thursday, March 2**; a copy is posted in the Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas page of the NMC website Resident Area. The materials in the yellow revised packet contain corrected materials that supersede the earlier ones. Note especially that only yellow absentee ballots will be valid.

We apologize for the confusion.

If you did not receive a Revised Notice or have questions about the Annual Meeting and/or election process, please contact Jim Denny at nmcadministrator@newmarkcommons.net or 301-340-0288.

We also hope that you will be able to attend the March 2nd 7-8 PM Candidate Forum to meet and engage in dialogue with the six Board candidates.

**Special thanks to the NMC volunteers who hand-delivered the packets: Alex Belida, Fran Denny, Joe Jordan, Elliot Pickar, Pat Reber, Judy Rudolph, Toni Schierling, and Ellen Stein.