The Fall 2016 Community Enhancement effort identified a number of property maintenance and ACC compliance problems that are common to many NMC homes.  These include damaged or worn sidewalks, stairs, porches and driveways; siding in need of painting, staining, repair, or replacement; doors, storm doors, or porch lights that do not conform to ACC Guidelines; wood trash container enclosures and/or fences that need repair or replacement; brick masonry elements in need of repair; and areas in need of power washing.

We have requested that the Board incorporate a requirement in its upcoming asphalt and sidewalk contract the condition that the successful contractor must be willing to provide individual estimates and enter into individual contracts with individual homeowners and provide a group rate discount.

If there is enough interest, we coordinate a live or virtual event for residents to share ideas and experience in replacing doors, porch lights, house numbers, wood and brick trash enclosures and fences, siding maintenance/replacement, and power washing services.  If interest warrants, we can then coordinate group purchases of services.

You can indicate your interest in sharing ideas about and participating in cooperative purchasing agreements for common repair and maintenance needs (concrete, siding, etc.) at this link or by joining us at our February 23rd meeting (at 7:45 PM in the Clubhouse).