Note: Part of the operating budget that appears in the November newsletter is incomplete. The complete draft budget appears with the agenda for the 11/16/016 meeting in the website Resident Area/Meeting Minutes and Agendas/Board Minutes and Agendas area.

A Special Board of Directors’ meeting was held to discuss when the Board should adopt the 2017 proposed budget. Board members participating in the conference call were John Daroff, John Hansman, Dorie Mangan, Ellen Stein, and Magnus Turesson. Absent board members were John Brown and Alex Manolatos.

At the November 3, 2016 Board meeting, the NMC Board drafted a 2017 budget that would require a dues increase in excess of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The Board’s authority to increase the dues in excess of the CPI is the subject of pending litigation in Berman v. New Mark Commons Homes Assn. currently before the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC). The question raised was should the Board adopt the proposed 2017 budget now, effective January 1, 2017; or wait until NMC receives a decision from the CCOC.

After discussion, John Hansman moved that the NMC Board of Directors defer approval of the 2017 proposed budget until a decision in the Berman v. NMC Complaint is received from the CCOC. John Daroff seconded the motion, which was passed by a vote of four in favor and one opposed. John Daroff, Dorie Mangan, Ellen Stein, and Magnus Turesson voted in favor of the motion. John Hansman opposed the motion. The Board will continue the 2017 budget discussion at the December 1, 2016 monthly meeting.