Committees and Clubs

Below are the various committees and clubs within New Mark Commons. For more information about each committee, contact the Chair.

Architectural Control Committee

John Hansman, Chair, 301-340-3198; Alex Manalatos, Board Liaison, 301-610-6667.
Meets the 1st Monday of each month at 7:15 p.m. at 6 Radburn Court.
The ACC is responsible for ensuring the integrity of our architecture. The committee reviews homeowner applications to make changes and repairs to homes in our community and helps homeowners comply with our covenants. For more info, email

Communications Committee

Pat Reber, Chair, 301-424-8164; Alex Belida, Board Liaison, 301-424-8164
Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.; at the NMC Clubhouse, 607 Tegner Way.
This committee coordinates New Mark Commons’ publications, including paper and electronic newsletters, the directory, our broadcast email system and the website. For more info, email

Community Enhancement Committee

This committee has been merged with Architectural Control. It was originally formed to ensure that our community is well maintained, by encouraging homeowners to maintain their properties, and to assist in overseeing the maintenance and enhancement of common areas. In response to his communications with several residents, Chuck Aubertin, the Rockville City Housing Codes Inspector responsible for New Mark, provided this summary/guidance about Fallen Trees on Private Property.

Landscape, Tree and Lake Committee

Ellen Stein, Board Liaison and Chair, 301-279-9533.
Meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at 7 Cumbernauld Ct.
Our landscape, lake, and trees are a vital part of our New Mark Commons community. Essential support is provided by the recently consolidated Landscape, Tree and Lake Committee. Additional members are welcome. For more info, email
Landscape Committee Mission, Tree Policies and Rules

Lake – Subcommittee of Landscape

Lori Nicely, Chair, 703-869-9572

Pool and Swim Team Committee

Nancy Wood, Chair, 301-309-1894; Kathleen Moran, Board Liaison, 301-294-9582.
Swim Team Representatives: Peggy Metzger, 301-838-0191,;
Sean Hart, 301-294-1706.
This committee works with the Administrator on pool enhancements and plans the swim team program. For more info, email

NMC Garden Club

Beth Williamson 301-217-9074
The NMC Garden Club sponsors event-based projects such as making Thanksgiving and Valentine floral arrangements for people who are alone and unable to get out. There are also other community enhancement projects. Watch the New Mark News and this website for dates and locations of these events so that others can join us.